Terms Of Use

Terms of Use of the Portal

The use of our service is governed by the terms and conditions contained on this page in conjunction with the Italian laws in force.

At the time of subscription to the service it is mandatory to read and accept all the conditions on this page. For any information you can contact us through our customer service, where you will also find answers to frequently asked questions.

This Website is created, made operational and managed by Federico Colombo, VAT IT02618100024, e-mail info [at] wrebby.com.
This agreement has been defined by the terms and conditions applicable to the provision of the service offered by www.wrebby.com, IOS and Android applications, and is stipulated between the user and Wrebby.

Acceptance of terms

Access to and use of the platform assumes acceptance of all terms, conditions and warnings, without exception, by you, of the terms herein described and any modifications thereof.

Wrebby undertakes to make visible and easily accessible all the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and other notes. This information is therefore considered read, understood, and accepted at the end of the Wrebby registration process. This procedure can not be completed without explicit acceptance of these and all other terms.

If you do not intend to accept the terms of use you are required to abandon the platform. In the event of a change to the terms of this contract by Wrebby and in case you do not want to accept the new provisions, you may cancel your subscription and delete your user profile.

Wrebby reserves the right to change, modify, add and remove parts of these conditions at any time with or without email notification to registered users. The use of the services following the notification implies acceptance of the new provisions and their knowledge.

Offered services

Wrebby provides a data storage and data processing service for web based businesses, thus accessible through Wrebby-free, user-controlled Internet connection services.

Wrebby is a multiuser system where one or more users share the same domain by gaining access to a common space where to create, upload, and store business catalog documents.

Wrebby uses several technologies and entrusts it to numerous suppliers for its services, including storage of data and documents.

Wrebby currently does not comply with the regulations regarding electronic storage and backup storage, so it is up to you to personally handle the print on the data collected.

The use of the service is reserved for persons over the age of 18 who are fully responsible for the data and any material and information that will be included on Wrebby.

Duration and expiration of subscription

Wrebby offers paid subscriptions.

Wrebby is a multiuser system where one or more users share the same domain by gaining access to a common space where to create, upload, and store business catalog documents.

The payment subscription starts from the date on which the customer makes an order for the paid version on the website and has an annual duration. In case of cancellation, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of your subscription until the expiration date of the same, ie for the entire paid period.

You can subscribe to a paid subscription by credit card, subject to automatic renewal, or by bank transfer.

At the end of the subscription period, this will be automatically renewed for another period, unless it is canceled by the customer or subject to payment by bank transfer instead of credit card.

Subscription is unique and shared within the domain. This means that the functions provided by the subscribed plan are available to all domain users, compatible with their access privileges.

Any change or cancellation of the subscription must be done by your business account owner.

For a paid subscription, payment is made in advance before each period and the customer is not entitled to refunds or credits if he decides to cancel the subscription before the end of the period.

It is possible to switch to a different subscription during the period of use. If you want to move to a higher floor, that is, at a higher price, the new subscription will start at the time you choose the new plan, canceling the current one and recognizing as a credit to the subscriber the unused portion of the previous subscription. However, if you step on a lower floor, then at a lower price, you will be able to enjoy the features of the old plan until the expiration date, which will automatically be subscribed to the new subscription.

In the event of a credit claim, in the case of promotions or in the event of a refund of payments made, they will be recognized as credit within the platform and may be used by the user and spent on the platform itself. Under no circumstances is there a monetary refund.

When signing up for Wrebby, the customer can test a sufficiently complete version (though subject to some limitations) for a free 30-day trial period without having to enter payment information. After this deadline, the system will automatically become inaccessible unless the customer fails to activate a paid plan during this period. In this case, the new subscription will subscribe to the subscription, canceling the trial version that can no longer be restored, even if the subscription has been canceled.

No subscription rights are applied to subscriptions, as it is possible to test the system in any relevant feature during the trial period. However, you can cancel your subscription at any time by interrupting automatic renewal.

Without prejudice to any other rights or remedies available, Wrebby will be entitled to immediately cancel the subscription without notice to the customer (and hence its domain) in the event of improper use of the system or subscription, including, without limitation, Use or processing of data by other persons or organizations.

Prices and terms of payment

Current prices are available on www.wrebby.com/prices and are all VAT excluded.

Payment is made annually, depending on the chosen profile, in advance by credit card or bank transfer.

In case the customer chooses to pay by credit card and the cost of the subscription can not be charged in time on the credit card, for example due to lack of coverage or because the credit card has expired, access to Wrebby Will be suspended. After payment is made, access to the system will be restored.

In case of payment by bank transfer this will be manually activated by the receipt of the wire transfer by Wrebby.

The first billing period starts from the date the customer first orders for one year, subject to automatic renewal year by year.

In the event that credit card is declined and administrative costs are incurred, Wrebby reserves the right to charge these costs to the customer.

Wrebby will not be liable for losses, damages, costs, expenses, or other claims of the customer or third parties caused by the suspension of the service.

The customer accepts the use of the email (using the e-mail address indicated by the customer) as a means of sending invoices, reminders and even important communications.

Wrebby may exceptionally agree privately with the customer for different payment methods than the one provided, and different, promotional prices lower than those displayed to the public. In this case, there is no automatic renewal, and the period of validity of the subscribed plan expires, the customer will no longer be able to access the system but will have to agree on a new contract.

Operational stability

Wrebby is working to provide the highest possible level of operational stability, but is not responsible for any suspended service, temporary or permanent, and correct display due to factors or circumstances that do not depend on direct control.

Wrebby does not guarantee the continuity of the connection to the platform and therefore will be in no way responsible for any technical disruption that prevents the connection to the platform itself, or on individual pages of it and / or the use of one or more functionality of the platform.
Wrebby is entitled to make operational changes to the system for improvement or for other reasons (for example, developing or replacing technical equipment, maintenance or software upgrade) without notice to the customer.

In the event of malfunction, Wrebby is committed to restoring normal operation as soon as possible without providing implicit or explicit warranties on time.

In the event of a definitive suspension of the service, Wrebby may give prior notice to the customer before proceeding with the deletion of all data and documents. In this case any subscriptions will be suspended and customers will have to proceed if it is their interest to export the data already stored (in accordance with the functions provided by your subscription) to Wrebby before they are deleted.


All content and materials (including trademarks, images, domain names, and software), except for content and material published by users, are, unless otherwise indicated, owned by Wrebby, protected by the law on copyright, Author and intellectual property law.

It is not permitted to record such content, in whole or in part, on any type of media, nor is it permitted to reproduce, modify, publish, distribute or otherwise use them for commercial or personal purposes without the prior written permission of Wrebby.

For any reason, the user can use the Wrebby trademarks and logo without having previously received a written permission.

Wrebby's Responsibility

To the extent permitted by law, Wrebby deny any warranty regarding the system, whether explicit or implied, including, without limitation, implied warranties of fitness or fitness for specific purposes. The service is provided "As is" so no warranty or declaration is made regarding the quality, suitability for the purpose, integrity or effectiveness of the service.

Despite the efforts to provide the highest quality, security and warranty service, we can not guarantee that the service will never be interrupted or error-free, that defects may be corrected or that the services available there will be free of bugs . Likewise, Wrebby will not be responsible for the availability, security and functionality of third-party solutions, including any damages and / or losses that may arise from the use of third-party solutions.

Wrebby will not be liable to the customer for any loss or damage caused, including the interruption of the activity, directly or indirectly, except where such liability can not be legally ruled out in accordance with applicable law.

Wrebby will not be liable to the customer for any loss or theft of data caused by bugs, proprietary disruptions or suppliers or computer attacks. Although you are committed to creating a secure system, there is no absolute certainty that data will not be lost or stolen.

Wrebby reserves the right to suspend, terminate, modify, remove the service with immediate effect, without prior notice and without any obligation to redeem users. Wrebby is not responsible for any loss suffered as a result of any decision taken in this regard.

Wrebby therefore invites users to take advantage of the export and backup functions independently, suspending their subscription and deleting their users if they do not intend to continue.

Data protection and confidentiality

The customer confirms that he is authorized to instruct Wrebby to process the information and that all instructions provided will be legally legitimate.

Wrebby is bound by confidentiality with respect to all information received from the customer and will not disclose such information to third parties, except where it is required by a court or other regulatory authority and in that case only to the extent necessary.

Wrebby has put in place the necessary organizational and technical measures to prevent system information from being accidentally or illegally destroyed, lost or wasted, or to prevent such information from having unauthorized parts or improperly used or otherwise handled in Way to the Data Protection Act.

Wrebby does not make any type of automatic check and / or censorship about the information posted by users. Wrebby will therefore be in no way responsible for the contents of the publications and the content of any communication made on the platform.

Wrebby reserves the right to access the contents of the user, where necessary to moderate the service, and to modify and delete such content when not in compliance with this agreement.

Wrebby denies any responsibility for the documents and files that the user charges. It reserves the right to verify the legality of documents and data. If there are materials that violate the law, the user service and its domain will be suspended immediately and will be reported to the competent authorities.

You can request and obtain the final deletion of your account and data directly from the platform or by contacting customer service. Such deletion has a definite character, however, some data may remain for a few weeks in backup copies that Wrebby creates daily before it is permanently disappeared.


Use of the service is reserved for registered users. Each user can create their own personal access via email and password. Email and password insertion will allow you to enter and manage your account. Each user is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the access data and must immediately inform us of any unauthorized use of his or her data or any other security issue.

Under no circumstances will we require the user's access data, and in no case will Wrebby be liable for an incorrect use of our username and password.

Access to your account is only allowed to the registered user, and you can not assign or transfer your account to another person or entity. Each user is legally authorized to use the service after having properly completed the registration form or if invited to share the domain of an already registered user, and in any case must be accepted by Wrebby. If the information provided by you change, it is your responsibility to keep it up to date.

You are prohibited from activating and using more than one account, using a fake or deceptive email address, providing false or misleading information to Wrebby, which reserves the right to suspend the account and its domain pending further verification Of the data entered.

If all subscribers in a non-subscription domain of a subscription are inactive, ie if no access and transactions have been made through any domain profile for more than a year, and if there is no paid subscription, Wrebby will close Profiles and domains automatically and any credits, data, documents, and / or cumulative rights will be lost.

Any illegal or suspicious activities will be reported to the relevant activities.