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Our Billing Plans

The service will be available to companies in three price ranges, to meet your every need!


  • 250MB for informative material
  • Mobile App
  • Contact Module
  • Fairs Module
  • Social Sharing
  • SEO Optimization


  • 2GB for informative material
  • Starter +
  • Basic exporting of contacts
  • Up to 5 Agent can be activated
  • 2 Beacon Devices included
  • Real-Time Analytics


  • 5GB for informative material
  • Premium +
  • Full exporting of contacts
  • Unlimited Agent can be activated
  • 4 Beacon Devices included
  • No Ads

Are you a trade fair?

By using our custom service, you can offer all of these services to booths by also integrating evaluation and gamification systems to enhance visitor experience.